Copper Glow

Colours that warm, shine and glow.

24 bulbs (8 of each variety) £19.50
The collection contains twenty four bulbs: 8 each of Copper Image £9.50, Gavota £9.50 and Princess Irene £9.50

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  • Copper Glow Collection

    Colours that warm, shine and glow. Princess Irene, Gavota, Copper Image 24 bulbs, 8 of each variety.  £19.50
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  • Princess Irene

    A merging of superb colour, soft salmon, vibrant orange with feathering of buff, an early flowering Triumph tulip that suits exposed sites and has a delicious scent. Flowering in April. Height: 35 cm. 12 bulbs £9.50
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  • Copper Image

    Enormous, packed petal blooms in a unique blend of copper to pink giving the illusion they change colour each day. Peony shape tulip, flowering late April early May. Height 36cm 12 bulbs £9.50
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  • Gavota

    The only tulip to have been annually planted at West Green House. Its deep maroon petal is edged in bright vibrant yellow, creating a look like polished mahogany. It is the perfect foil for tulips in amber and coffee shades. Of the Triumph variety, flowering in April. Height: 40cm 12 bulb £9.50
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