The Dahlia Collection

We have selected twenty six dahlias that we know are easy to grow and flower magnificently. Included are the fascinating forms of the immaculate tiny Pom Poms, the simple Anemone and the wild quill like Cactus flowers.


Not to forget the perfect Decorative and the back of the border giant “dinner plate“ in sizes that amaze, and as I stand to admire them I ask myself each year “ why did I not plant more”? Our super-size tubers are here and we will dispatch, wrapped in linen bags within water proof packing, from the third week of February.

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  • Akita

    Decorative, H:120cm Flower:30cm A visually splendid ombre effect dinner plate dahlia which colours from fiery red to blazing orange on a yellow base. This spectacular flower is in a league of its own. Best at the back of the border. £7.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Bishop of York

    Single, H:70cm Flower:10cm With its near black foliage, and a single yellow flower this is a delight. Easy to grow and looks handsome growing through late season grasses. Like all “Bishop” dahlias they flower continuously. One tuber £4.95 £4.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Black Touch

    Decorative, H:90cm Flower:12cm As smouldering embers this must be one of the deepest darkest dahlias with matching stems and fimbriate petals.   £4.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Blue Bayou

    Anemone, H:1.2m Flower:7cm Perhaps my favourite dahlia with plum ruffled button centre encircled by pink lavender petals that bees and butterflies love. It is free flowering but should be staked unless it is wandering through grasses. £4.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Bohemian Spartacus

    Decorative, H:120cm Flower:25cm Words like “stunning, unique, must have” describe this giant crimson splashed gold dinner plate dahlia that will light up the back border. Each petal waves backwards, not any flower the same, making it a work of art. £7.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Cafe au Lait

    Decorative, H:1.2m Flower:20cm Beloved by brides for its creamy coffee shades, this is a gorgeous huge flower that unfurls from tones of the softest pink to cafe au lait. We grow this great dahlia annually around the Wellhead with the coffee and peach toned flowers. £7.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Cafe au Lait Royal

    Decorative, H:1m Flower:25cm It is called the “swankiest dahlia” with all the beauty of its parent but here is a collection of huge milky pink curved petals. A touch of Autumn luxury. £7.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Chat Noir

    Cactus H:120cm Flower:15cm The darkest Garnet red quills radiate from the near black centre, that is spot lit by occasional yellow mini spikes. This large flower is garden drama personified. £4.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Dark Red Wave

    Pom-pom, H:70cm Flower:8cm Like deep Shiraz this dark red bloom is held strongly on dark stems with precise up curved petals. An excellent cut flower. £4.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Feline Yvonne

    Decorative, H:1m Flower:12cm Wonderful super vivid pink petals with hints of plum, stands strongly on near black stems. It’s weather resistant, free flowering and looks wonderful grown in the middle of a border. £4.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Franz Kafka

    Pom-pom, H:70cm Flower:5cm A perfect round lilac pink ball of perfectly ordered petals that looks excellent placed either in pots, among grasses or softly floating plants. Free flowering, providing superb long lasting cut flowers. £4.95 Read more Out of stock
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

    Fimbriate, H:15cm Flower:7cm Think of pink and white coconut ice or an Ice Cream Sunday on a hot day. This flower with laminated petals is pure candy and blooms constantly for months. £4.95 Read more Out of stock

TIPS for Growing and Storing Dahlias


Dahlia tubers may be potted on from April and left in a light and warm space till transplanted as the new leaves appear in late June. Hopefully the frosts will have ended, but if a late frost is forecast just cover with frost proof cloth.

Pot up in well drained peat free compost, water, then leave, for too much water will cause the tuber to rot.

Once a number of leaves begin to appear on the tuber pinch out all but say 4 groups of leaves this will leave four strong stems to grow.

Plant out in a sunny position in well-drained soil, placing the tuber “eyes up” just under the ground where some gravel placed at the bottom of the hole can assist with drainage if the soil has too much clay. 

Stake the plants immediately, as they grow quickly and can be damaged by wind and heavy rain 

Water during dry spells.


After the first frosts the Dahlias will become dark brown. Leave the frosted Dahlias in situ for around a week or two. Do not leave the plants too long as they must not freeze.

I like to cut back the frosted foliage leaving just a short 4” stem.

Once the tubers are dug up, leave the soil to dry. When dry shake off and dust off any clogged soil between the tubers then store in open crates so the air may circulate 

Dahlias are quite delicate and do not like to be stacked together as if they are too close, they can absorb moisture and rot can occur. 

To protect the Dahlia, place them in sawdust or wrap in newspaper. Store away from the light in a dry space that does not fall below 40/50 degrees. 

As climate change is giving us warmer winters many people advocate leaving the Dahlias in situ and cover generously with compost. 

I tried this and lost nearly all my dahlia collection, so I do not recommend. Also do not store in an unheated glasshouse as the cold from frost will kill the tuber.