West Green House Tulip Collections

West Green House has long been famed for its tulip displays, remarkable for their colour and long lasting in their flowering season. Now we offer the chance for you to enjoy these stunning varieties in your own garden, with nine collections of specially selected tulip bulbs. Each collection offers three varieties to a total of 24 bulbs per collection and has been curated for their complementary colours using bulbs of only the highest quality. Whether you wish to enjoy these at home, or offer them as a gift for next seasons’ garden, each collection should fill two average sized garden containers.  The tulips can also be bought individually as 12 bulbs. The tulips will ship late Autumn, ready for planting.

Our Tulip Collection for 2024 now available

We have curated our new collection flowering in 2025. We can’t wait to share this with you.

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TIPS for Tulip Growing

Traditionally, tulips are planted as the temperature drops, from late October, but best off all after the first frost. Late planting has been the time-honoured way of protecting the bulb from any viral or fungal disease that may affect the tulip. Tulips thrive in soil which is crumbly or mixed with compost to promote drainage.
  • For tulips in a bed or border, plant four inches deep and no more than four inches apart.
  • When planting tulips in a pot (average size 10 inches/30 cm), use 10 to 12 bulbs and plant them three inches deep, using a multipurpose compost.
  • To layer your bulbs, select the tallest and latest flowering for the base layer and build up from there.
  • Bulbs benefit from being replaced each year.
  • For more tulip advice why not book a ticket for our popular Tulip Day or Exciting Pots for Spring Day.