Dahlia Mania


Dahlias have become very important in keeping our garden in brilliant colour from July to October so we are now offering you a fine selection of Dahlias we know and love through our annual Dahlia Catalogue.

Look online in early spring at www.westgreenhouse.co.uk to see the 2024 Dahlia Catalogue.

Dahlia Mania

Thursday 26th September, 11am-1pm
In the gardens

Dahlias are the jewel colour of an autumn garden flowering from July to the first frosts in November. It’s become the plant of the decade after years of neglect.

Today they are available in many styles and sizes suitable both for containers and planting in borders, but they need care and attention, so join us for a morning looking at an exciting range of dahlias you can grow whatever your garden size.

£62 per person
Includes morning coffee, demonstration followed by lunch with wine in the Tea Room.